Search Engine Optimization

Social Win Best SEO Company in Mohali

We’ll help you improve your site’s organic traffic and conversions with an ongoing SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation is a key digital marketing service that combines technical knowledge, well-crafted content and effective backlink building to boost your brand’s visibility and help the right people find your website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
Social Win Best SEO Company in Mohali

By taking advantage of our professional SEO services, you can expect to start seeing your organic traffic increase, helping your brand rises through the ranks of the SERPs to convert prospects into customers.

  • Available at low and affordable cost.
  • Generate huge traffic.
  • Better return on Investment when compared to traditional strategies.
  • Taking your business to a whole new level.
  • You can reach out to a wider audience too.

Why work with Passion Social Win.

Many of our clients came to us looking to increase their website traffic through search, but didn’t know how. Sometimes, they weren’t even sure what SEO was. No matter how much they know about SEO, the first thing we do for our clients is conduct a full technical audit of their website. This allows us to discover what issues we’ll need to correct to let you start ranking for your desired search terms.

From big questions to small tweaks, Social Win is here to help answer those questions and solve those problems. That also means we aren’t afraid to tell you the truth about your current SEO practises. If we find any issues impacting your performance, we’ll point them out and fix them as quickly as possible to get you back on the path to success.

And if there’s uncertainty over targets or time-sensitive campaigns, we always ensure that clients are completely aware of the impact of these risks. We believe that educated clients get the best value out of our SEO services, and we’re always happy to explain our work, right down to the fine details.

Make your business shine on the web

Complete SEO Audit

As part of our process, we conduct an audit of your website, reviewing key data from a range of software and our own expertise – we’ll then use this to identify areas that need improving.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytical data is the key to any SEO campaign. We set up your website, keywords and conversions tracking, so we can monitor, review and report the progress across your campaign.

Keyword Research

Our team of SEO experts are experienced in conducting in-depth keyword research. We’ll uncover keywords tailored to your business and implement them as part of our SEO service.

Backlinks & Off-Page SEO

A vital part of building your organic presence is through acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative third-party websites. We’ll work on this from the outset to identify your opportunities.

On-Page SEO

We review your titles, meta descriptions, text and images to ensure they are fully optimised for search queries – so your users can easily find the pages they’re looking for via organic search.